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Endeavour Aids Rescue Effort Following Mexican Earthquake //

Case Study Endeavour Aids Rescue effort follwing earth quake

Last September, a devastating earthquake hit central Mexico, causing destruction in Greater Mexico City and surrounding states. More than 300 people died and hundreds of buildings, homes and other structures were destroyed or damaged.

As the area began assessing and cleaning up the damage, Endeavour immediately sent 12 members of our mine rescue team to Mexico City to support crucial rescue efforts, working in collaboration with Civil Protection, the Ministry of Defense and the Marine Army to save people from the debris. After hours spent training for the unexpected as part of Endeavour’s emergency preparedness programs, this team rallied into community service to assist affected people. In addition, Endeavour donated 2 million pesos (USD $106,000) through the Carlos Slim Foundation to assist with the recovery effort. This funding helped the Foundation meet critical human needs for those impacted by the earthquake, as well as support community rebuilding and the protection of cultural buildings.

Paola Mares, who met Endeavour’s volunteer rescue team in the aftermath of the earthquake, posted this on Instagram. “These are ‘Los Lobos’, mine rescue team from Endeavour Silver Corp, El Cubo and Bolañitos! THANKS for working day and night with no rest, for risking your life for our people without even knowing them. Thanks for your dedication, for your training, for teaching us that there are always angels amongst us. Thanks for your commitment and passion to help us. MEXICO IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL TO YOU.”