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Employees “Act” to Promote Safety

Act to promote Safety

Falling rocks are a hazard for underground miners. To address this serious issue and teach the importance of proper scaling to prevent injury, last year employees at each of our four operating sites staged a theatrical show for their colleagues.

For the performance, several employees acted out an accident in which a fictitious worker is hit by a falling rock. The characters included the relatives of the injured person, the authorities involved, company supervisors and colleagues. The storyline underscored the terrible impact of an accident, including on the victim’s family.

Following the show, all employees reflected on the lessons learned and how best to execute the “Amacize” – a technique used to test the walls and ceiling of a work area, to knock down any loose rocks that pose a risk to workers. These exercises were part of a week-long campaign of initiatives at Endeavour focused on different safety issues.

1 Million Hours Without a Lost-Time Injury in Guanaceví

1 Million

Last November, our team in Guanaceví reached a milestone of incredible value by recording one million hours worked without a lost-time injury. The occasion was celebrated with a staff recognition lunch, prizes and a “Commitment Wall” on which everyone marked their handprints as a sign of their continuous commitment to safety.

The path to this accomplishment started with ambition. This past year, the General Manager set and promoted monthly goals to achieve a certain number of hours without accidents. Employees really engaged in the initiative and put a major emphasis on collaborating even more with contractors to implement Endeavour’s Safety Management System, as much as it has been practiced internally.

With this landmark achievement, our Guanaceví operation registered in the Mexican Ministry of Labour’s Self- Management Program to achieve the “Safe Company” distinction. Earning this distinction takes a couple of years, as companies must pass two levels of achievement. Our goal for 2019 is to pass level one.

Case Studies