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Material Topics: What Matters Most //

Our material topics – the areas of greatest interest and impact to our stakeholders – shape our sustainability strategy and inform the content of this report.

Every two years, we undertake a materiality assessment in which we survey our main stakeholders. Conducted by an external consultant and guided by the GRI guidelines, the purpose of this process is to identify the current social, economic and environmental topics of highest importance across our whole value chain. These insights, in turn, help us focus our sustainability efforts, set goals and metrics, and allocate resources.

This 2018 Sustainability Report is based upon the materiality results from our last assessment in 2017. The matrix below shows the topics and reflects our understanding of the importance of each topic to our stakeholders and our business. Our next materiality analysis is planned for 2019.

Materiality Matrix


Note: For this year’s report, we have split the material aspect of Safety and Health into two sub-topics: Occupational Safety and Workforce Wellness. While these sub-topics are similar and overlapping, we manage them differently and wanted to convey this, while also providing more comprehensive coverage to each.

Steps in Our Materiality Assessment Process:

  • Through stakeholder interviews, surveys and workshops as well as research into industry trends and emerging issues, we identify topics of relevance. External stakeholders consulted include local communities; federal, state and municipal governments; suppliers and contractors; religious representatives; unions; and investors and analysts.
  • Through internal discussions and analysis, we combine some of the topics and prioritize them in terms of significance to stakeholders and our business. This helps us shortlist the issues that require our efforts in order to manage our shared top priorities.
  • Endeavour’s Sustainability Committee reviews and validates the findings.

The outcome of this process is a list of the most material topics. Our annual Sustainability Report discloses our approach to managing and addressing these issues.