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Why It Matters

Our stakeholders expect us to have a workforce that is motivated, ethical and accountable. It’s essential that we recruit and retain high-quality people who propagate our culture and share and reflect our values in the Mexican communities where we operate.

Management Approach

Open-door policy

We are committed to helping our employees shape a positive culture in their workplace. By promoting an “open-door policy”, we seek their feedback on a range of topics, and receive and address work-related suggestions, concerns or complaints through our Internal Grievance Mechanism for employees and contractors.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity are important principles to us, and we are dedicated to improving gender representation in our workforce. We believe a diverse workforce provides a broader range of skills, experiences and ideas to keep our company strong and progressive.

Local Hiring

We prioritize local hiring and training people from communities near our mining activities. This helps us build our pool of mining talent, strengthen community and employee relationships, and create economic benefits for the surrounding population.

Freedom of Association

We support freedom of association and have collective bargaining contracts with two unions: one at El Cubo and the other at Guanaceví, Bolañitos and Compas. We have positive relationships with both unions and have been able to negotiate contract renewals through effective collaboration.

Working conditions

We respect national and international labour standards that protect and guarantee basic rights for all. This includes our commitment to provide good working conditions, including adequate facilities and competitive benefits.

Three of our mines are within or near communities, so workers are able to return to their homes following their shifts. Because Guanaceví is in a remote location, workers also live in a camp on- site. As such, we strive to provide good living conditions, such as lunch and dining rooms, gym facilities and cleaning services, to keep employees comfortable during their stay in our mining camp.


2018 Performance

  • Engaged employees and management in interviews and a workshop to review our core company values and competencies. This important exercise helped us confirm the unique and enduring principles that embody the Endeavour culture and guide the collective behaviours of our people. We plan to launch the updated set of values and competencies in the spring of 2019.
  • Brought together regional managers from our Mexican operations for a planning session to share ideas, align efforts and establish objectives.
  • Launched our talent management program identifying the critical positions in Operations. We also initiated “individual development plans” for key executives in Mexico, which include activities such as assessments, coaching sessions, leadership training and work assignments, which are intended to expand leadership skills.
  • Began implementing an all-in-one human resources (HR) software platform to help us better manage and track our HR activities such as job posting, interviewing and hiring, benefits management, performance assessment, training and holiday scheduling. The new system will provide us with real-time information, supporting our decision-making process and allowing us to track key performance indicators (such as turnover and absenteeism) in a more accurate way.
  • Employed 1,601 people (as of December 2018), down slightly from 1,624 the previous year. The decrease is due largely to a staff reduction at our El Cubo mine. This cutback was partially offset by growth of the labour force at our El Compas project, from 26 to 110 employees last year.
  • Contracted 1,080 people in Mexico, down from 1,155 people in 2017. Contractors were primarily involved in new development at the mines and civil engineering works.
  • Achieved an 8% decrease in turnover (voluntary and involuntary), from 23.2% in 2017 to 21.3% in 2018, marking the third consecutive year of reductions. In recent years we have also lowered absenteeism. From 2017 to 2018, it fell from 2.52% to 2.31%. We believe these positive trends are a reflection of increasing employee engagement.
  • Experienced no strikes, lock-outs or work stoppages at any of our sites in 2018. Approximately 73% of our workforce was represented by unions, compared to 75% the previous year.
  • Maintained our representation of women at 11%. Our ratio of women to men remains lower than international averages for mining operations, although this is not unusual in Latin America or for underground mines. The majority of our female employees work in surface operations and administration positions.

2019 Priorities

  • Reduce turnover rate by 10%
  • Attract and recruit the necessary talent on time for Terronera and other operations
  • Implement and deploy the values and competencies developed by the Company
  • Implement and deploy the HR software (E-Talent)