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Our People

We consider our employees to be our most valuable resource — our people don’t just work for the company, they are the company.

Our Management Approach //

We strive to be an employer of choice by prioritizing and safeguarding the health and wellness of our employees and contractors, respecting them as individuals, and providing opportunities for professional and personal development to fulfill their potential. We foster a workplace culture that respects the principles of human rights and equality – free of discrimination and harassment – and we value diversity: we believe an inclusive workforce fosters a progressive work environment.

We place particular emphasis on hiring people from nearby communities to ensure the community shares in the economic benefits of the operation, and that both company and community enjoy long-term success together.

2016 Our People

1,641 Full-time employees

99% of our on-site personnel in operations, exploration, and administration are from Mexico

68,079 training hours, plus 39,351 hours of induction training