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Case Study: Certification Program //

Case study - certification program

Since 2015, we have participated in an employee certification program run by the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Sustainable Development in the State of Guanajuato. The program recognizes the skills people have mastered through handson experience, but lack formal education on. In 2017, we supported 40 people from our two production mines in Guanajuato to obtain certification through this program – our largest group in the past three years. José Genaro Rodriguez, a Jackleg operator, who has worked at our Bolañitos site for the past nine years, was one of the first people to be certified through the program. José is now one of the program evaluators.

“I feel that though I had lots of practical experience, through this program I was able to learn technical knowledge I didn’t have before. I have improved my job performance by using the new knowledge acquired.” José Genaro Rodriguez