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Endeavour Recognized with Training Award


The International Forum of Training and Education in Mining is a specialized training forum in Mexico, bringing together some of the country’s most renowned academic institutions, the Mining Chamber of Mexico, the State Government through the Ministry of Economy and mining companies.

At the 2018 event held in Zacatecas, Endeavour was awarded the "Merit in Mining Education in Mexico", for demonstrating excellence in employee learning and development. This coveted recognition attests to the work we’ve done in the last few years to enhance our training program.

Addressing Employee Issues

In 2018, we received 123 complaints from employees and contractors through our Internal Grievance Mechanism, up from 88 the previous year. While usage of this feedback channel increased, it is not generating the results or participation we were expecting.

The top matters raised related to simple administrative issues or procedures, representing approximately one-third of all issues. We have found that most of the truly meaningful complaints only go through local managers because employees are more comfortable in vocalizing work-related concerns through one-on-one discussions. As a result, such issues are not being captured in the grievance mechanism.

We are evaluating ways to improve usage of the mechanism, including through greater awareness-building, as well as exploring other ways to gather feedback from employees so that we can understand and respond to issues in a proactive way.

Employee Complaints in 2018:

  • Administrative issues (36): These related to worker requests or clarifications about procedures.
  • Safety concerns (25): These included lack of ventilation in some places, timeframes for detonations, high humidity and working in areas that were previously classified as high risk.
  • Work assignments (21): These included concerns about compensation related to different work assignments.
  • Issues with materials (17): These included tools that were not available or equipment that was limited to one area while needed in others.
  • Payments (16): These included clarifications about missing payments for extra days of work, holidays, bonuses or other issues involving a payment to the worker

Case Studies