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Environmental Compliance and Management //

Why It Matters

Respecting the environment and the laws designed to protect it are integral to how we operate, our corporate reputation and the ecological health of our host communities. A strong environmental track record, as well as compliance with local laws and international guidelines, are keys to gaining community support and approval to operate.

Management Approach

Environmental Framework

As a mining company, we honour a broad and detailed range of requirements stipulated by environmental agencies and legislation in Mexico and Canada. In recent years, as environmental concerns have increased around the world, environmental permitting for the resource sector has become more stringent.

To support our environmental compliance obligations and objectives, we have a comprehensive environmental framework in place, including environmental monitoring systems and controls at each site. Environmental risks are evaluated on an ongoing basis as part of our corporate risk management procedures, so that we can improve our performance.

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy articulates our commitment to environmental protection: to prevent or mitigate, as much as reasonably possible, the impacts of mining on the natural environment by improving the efficiency of our use of natural resources (such as land, water and energy), by reducing waste and by increasing recycling.

Oversight and Cooperation

The Regional Environmental Manager oversees environmental matters at our mines. Each mine has an environmental coordinator who monitors day-to-day operations, helps facilitate permitting and reports any matters to management during regular meetings. Our environmental group monitors environmental suppliers to ensure their procedures and standards comply with both government regulations and Endeavour’s environmental commitments and principles.

We strive to engage in a cooperative manner with local governments to ensure we understand and fulfill all environmental requirements and expectations.

2018 Performance

  • Invested $1.71 million in environmental protection expenditures, which included environmental studies (e.g., assessments and permitting); transportation and final disposition for waste; monitoring for water, waste, tailings, noise, gases and dust; tailings pond works; and other initiatives including reforestation, rehabilitation and remediation works and environmental education campaigns. Total expenditure was more than the $1.49 million spent in 2017 because this year we added El Compas, which represented about $0.5 million.
  • Achieved a successful year in terms of environmental compliance compared to 2017. Among the highlights:
    • We re-opened a tailings pond at our El Cubo site in March 2018, having addressed community concerns and regulatory issues with the Mexican environmental protection authority (PROFEPA), as we reported in our 2017 Sustainability Report.
    • PROFEPA conducted inspections of our operations in Bolañitos, El Compas and El Cubo and observed no compliance issues.
    • We achieved zero environmental fines and incidents across the business.
  • Completed and filed a Regional Environmental Impact Assessment for El Cubo, a process that allowed us to put into one single document all the necessary permits and updates for the site, including the environmental closure plan. We initiated a similar process for Guanaceví and Bolañitos, as part of their regular operating reviews.
  • Carried out the pre-audit for the “Clean Industry” certification from PROFEPA for our Bolañitos operation. This program is a voluntary certification for companies to verify that they are complying with all environmental regulations and taking a proactive approach in managing them. Our goal last year was to also carry out the pre-audit in Guanaceví, but that was pushed to 2019 because the primary focus was finalizing the Regional Environmental Impact Assessment. Once the observations from the audit are addressed in Bolañitos, we will register to start the process with PROFEPA to obtain the certification, which should take about two years.

2019 Priorities

  • Participate in the Environmental Audit Program carried out by PROFEPA, in order to apply for the Clean Industry Certification for Guanaceví
  • Develop and execute the post-mining sustainability plan for El Cubo.

Case Studies