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Case Study: Nurseries Rejuvenate Land After Mining //

Case study- nurseries rejuvenate land after mining

As part of our commitment to sustainable mining, we have established a reforestation program to replenish land in Mexico impacted by our mining activities. Our three mines each operate a plant nursery to provide seedlings for reforestation, using native tree stock. The nurseries have natural worm composting systems to recycle organic waste from the operations as fertilizer. For exploration, most of the trees are bought from private nurseries.

2017 Highlights

  • 43,939 trees were planted in reforestation projects, up from 34,500 in 2016.
  • The vast majority (80%) of trees were planted around our exploration projects. The rest (20%) were planted inside our facilities and a smaller portion in the San Pedro community in Guanaceví.
  • The average survival rate of the trees is 80%.