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Our business strategy embodies our economic approach: we evaluate historic mining districts and acquire under-performing silver mines in need of capital and expertise; we explore and discover new reserves and resources; we fast-track the development of new mines into production; and we drive organic growth and replenish our operations’ reserves and resources by repeating this successful formula.

Our Management Approach //

Our economic performance impacts our entire stakeholder universe, but in particular, our employees (most of whom are community residents in close proximity to our mining operations), our supply and customer chain, and our shareholders. We regularly monitor our economic performance against our targets and objectives, conduct opportunity and risk assessments, and integrate these factors into our ongoing economic strategy – revising our strategy with changing internal or external factors affecting our business and the economic sustainability of the company.

2016 Economic Highlights

Approximate economic value generated in 2016: $156 M

Approximate economic value distributed in 2016: $140 M

98.5% of our goods and services were procured within Mexico in 2016