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Endeavour makes every effort to minimize or mitigate any negative impacts our operations may have on the communities in which we operate.

Our Management Approach //

We recognize that our business activities can have significant economic and social impacts on local communities if not managed properly throughout the life-cycles of our mines.

Our committed and continuous approach to community engagement facilitates open lines of communication and dialogue, and contributes to the development of our reputation of integrity and the formation of trust with our community stakeholders in order to maintain meaningful relationships and preserve our long-term social license. We strive to share the benefits of our activities with our neighbouring communities by building relationships with a variety of community stakeholders to identify effective and culturally appropriate development goals that respond to their needs and capacity.

2016 Community Highlights

A social assessment was conducted by our Community Relations staff to identify the most important needs of the community.

We engaged in several community programs at all three mine sites.