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Community Investment //

Why It Matters

Creating benefits in local communities where we have impacts is not just responsible business – it is smart business. After all, these areas are where nearly all our workforce live, and we rely on the local infrastructure and lands.

On the ground in these communities, we have a first-hand view of challenges that may limit their well-being – such as a lack of government services or viable infrastructure, economic and educational constraints and unemployment. Progress on such issues depends upon the active, coordinated efforts of the private, public and non- profit sectors working towards common goals and better outcomes for all involved.

Management Approach

Our aim is to achieve social and economic results that create real value for host communities, even after mining ceases. We work with community members to understand their needs and contribute resources and expertise to make a positive impact.

Priority Areas

Our Community Investment Policy sets out our funding priorities and the criteria we use when evaluating projects and initiatives. To guide our community investments in Mexico, we have two priority areas: education and employability. These priorities were identified in consultation with community members during a social assessment we conducted in 2016, which involved workshops, surveys and the participation of 10% of community members where we operate.

Other Support

In collaboration with communities or government, we also support initiatives related to health and infrastructure for public services, such as drinking water, waste management, road maintenance and recreational spaces, as well as community cultural and religious events.

Managing Community Initiatives

Each mine and the head office have annual budgets for community investment initiatives, taking into account local needs and requests. At each operation, we have one full-time community coordinator, who oversees local activities, a regional manager that supervises the team of five coordinators, and an external consultant advising on these issues.

2018 Performance

  • Invested US $387,284 across Mexico (41%) and Canada (59%). This is down from $517,000 the previous year as a result of low metal prices that impacted the financial performance of the silver and gold mining sectors.
  • Contributed $160,080 in Mexico to support local communities:
    • Approximately 18% (up from 17% in 2017) was invested in our two priorities of education and employability, falling short of meeting our target of at least 50%.
    • A significant portion of our 2018 community budget (53%) supported infrastructure, where the main project was the construction of a new sports court in El Cubo.
    • 29% of our investment supported cultural and religious events that play an important role in preserving and celebrating local traditions.
  • Continued our scholarship program for students in and around our host Mexican communities – see case study. We also held discussions with the Universidad de Guanajuato to explore ways we can create a model for long-term funding support for students, similar to what Endeavour has done with three universities in Canada.
  • Hosted six skilled trades workshops in Bolañitos for community members. These sessions were led by a professional trainer from the Institute for Continuous Education of Adults, a government agency that helps adults prepare for the workforce or become self-employed. The workshops helped 109 participants build skills as pastry chefs or hair stylists. Some participants are using the knowledge gained to generate extra income for their households.
  • Hosted the 4th edition of the mining race in the City of Guanajuato to promote sports and fitness in the community. The race was funded by Endeavour and COMINVI, one of our contractors, and was organized in collaboration with the Municipal Commission for Sports and Youth Support.
  • Created and filled two new positions: a full-time Community Relations Manager who oversees the work at all sites and a full-time Department Head for our Terronera project. Also in Terronera, we launched a community investment program to begin contributing to the community. For example, we partnered with the DIF (Ministry of Family Development), a government entity, to bring a Christmas celebration to three nearby towns. The events were a big success.
Community Investment

2019 Priorities

  • Ensure at least 50% of our Community Investment funding supports education and employability
  • Implement the funding for education programs in Mexico (Endowment fund)
  • Implement the following initiatives in Terronera: Support education facilities and material at local schools, promote access to university education, provide skills workshops and support income-generating projects