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Community Investment //

Why It Matters

Giving back to local communities where we have impacts is not just responsible business – it is smart business. It’s about contributing resources to help create thriving communities on which our operations depend. After all, these areas are where nearly all our workforce live, and we rely on the local infrastructure and lands.

On the ground in these communities, we have a first-hand view of persistent challenges that may limit their wellbeing – such as a lack of government services or viable infrastructure, economic and educational constraints, and unemployment. Progress on such issues depends upon the active, coordinated efforts of the private, public and non-profit sectors working towards common goals and better outcomes for all involved.

Management Approach

Our aim is to achieve social and economic results that create real value for host communities, even after mining ceases. We work with community members to understand their needs and align our support to make a positive impact.

Priority areas

To guide our community investments in Mexico, we consulted with community members and identified two priority areas: education and employability. This was part of a comprehensive social assessment we undertook in 2016 that involved workshops, surveys and the participation of 10% of community members where we operate.

Other support

We also support initiatives related to health and infrastructure for public services such as drinking water, waste management, road maintenance and recreational spaces, as well as community cultural and religious events.

Community Investment Policy

Our Community Investment Policy sets out our funding priorities and the criteria we use when evaluating projects and initiatives. Each mine and office has an annual budget for community investment initiatives, and decisions are made in cooperation with the community relations teams, taking into account local needs and requests.

Our Performance In 2017

  • In 2017, we donated a total of $517,000 across Mexico (53%) and Canada (47%). This is up significantly from $192,000 donated the previous year due to several large donations made in both countries, including $106,000 for crisis relief efforts following the earthquake that hit central Mexico last fall.
  • In Mexico, we contributed $276,000 to support local communities. Our investment in our two priority areas of education and employability represented 17% of our total contribution in Mexico, falling short of our 2017 target of at least 50%. We attribute this to being the first year executing our new Community Investment Policy; it will take some time to reallocate our community investment budget. The majority of the budget was spent meeting community requests to support cultural and religious events, which are a big part of the identity in these communities.
  • We funded several infrastructure projects to improve public services in our host communities.
    • In Bolañitos, the main project was the construction of a road to make it safer for kids to go to school. Other projects included materials for maintenance of the community church, pump equipment for water supply, road maintenance, safety cameras around the church, water supply for the community health center, and waste collection from the community.
    • In El Cubo, we provided support to construct a sports court at an elementary school, rehabilitated two bridges damaged by rain and improved two main roads to Guanajuato. We strengthened barriers around wells to prevent animals from coming into those water sources, enhanced a community baseball court, provided materials for improvements in the community center plaza and the church of Villalpando.

2018 Priorities

  • Ensure that at least 50% of donations support our community investment priorities: education and employability.
  • Identify the best mechanism for channeling funding to support education programs in Mexico.