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Community Engagement and Impacts //

Why It Matters

We recognize that open consultation and collaborative relationships along with sustainable management practices are the cornerstones of responsible business and good community relations. From exploration and development to operation and closure, working closely with local communities is crucial to build trust and support throughout the mining life cycle.

Management Approach

Our Commitment

We are committed to supporting the local communities where we operate, building and maintaining positive relationships and providing avenues for dialogue, understanding and managing the social, environmental and economic impacts of our mining operations. We want to create social benefits from our activities.

Managing Relationships

At each site, we have a community relations coordinator who regularly engages with community members to share information about the operation, assess local needs, listen and respond to feedback and complaints, and determine methods of supporting the community.

Sustainability Issues

Our goal is to address community priorities that align with our business objectives, to create shared benefits for the long term and the post-mining era. We have an external sustainability consultant who gathers stakeholder input to help identify and prioritize the issues that matter most to our business and to stakeholders.

Community Concerns

To help manage stakeholder concerns, each site has an external grievance mechanism that allows community members to voice their questions and complaints for formal consideration by Endeavour. Our goal is to respond to all feedback in a timely and respectful manner. The process is designed to be fair, accessible and transparent, and was developed using the standards of the International Finance Corporation and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

2018 Performance

  • Appointed a Regional Community Relations Manager to enhance our commitment to the high performance of our individual projects and consistent results of our group.
  • Performed a social impact assessment for our development project, Terronera in Jalisco state. The Terronera project will be Endeavour’s first “new mine” (i.e., built from scratch), employing approximately 350 employees and contractors during the 18-month construction phase. While the social impact assessment is not a regulatory requirement, we wanted to be proactive to analyze community needs, identify relevant stakeholders and assess potential social impacts, both positive and negative.

    We commissioned an external consulting firm to conduct the study, and they held meetings with community members to understand their expectations and perspectives on what they know so far about the project. To date, the open process has been very well received by the community. In 2019, we will present the results of this assessment in a workshop with the community and clarify the development plan for the project. We will also use the results to inform our community relations management plan going forward.

External Grievance Mechanism: 2018 Summary of Main Concerns
Concern Our Response
Dust affecting six houses Increased the height of the outlet connected to the ventilation system, to disperse the dust and minimize the impacts to the houses
Vibrations from detonations Installed a monitoring device in the home of a community member to measure vibrations. Nothing of significance resulted
Pollution or drying of the water wells because of mining activities Held several meetings with the community and are looking at hiring a consultant in 2019 to evaluate water well levels and fluctuations, as well as provide suggestions on how to best preserve the wells, including natural areas around them
El Cubo
Request to limit heavy trucks on certain roads and verify the safety credentials of drivers and vehicles; this request came in the wake of two driving accidents caused by contractors, which damaged local roads, a car and a house Implemented tougher safety standards for contractors
Waste rock that enters the river during rainy season and raises water levels, which could cause flooding for low-lying homes Endeavour does two major clean ups every year, pre- and post-rainy season, so the amount of waste rock entering the river is kept at a minimum
Operations affecting water levels in local river Held community information session to discuss the range of environmental factors that can affect the river flow and to explain how the Company sources water
El Compas
Noise complaint Modified use of equipment to reduce noise
Disputes about allocation of contracts amongst the three unions representing transport contractors Disclosed details of the union contracts to ensure all affected parties were properly informed and equal opportunities were given to each contractor

2019 Priorities

  • Address and solve community complaints in a reasonable timeframe, which should not exceed six months in any situation.