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Case Study: Scholarships Remove Financial Barriers //

Case study - scholarships remove financial barriers

In 2017, we launched a scholarship program through our Bolañitos site, to support students from nearby areas in pursuing their educational goals.

A total of 50 students were selected to receive the inaugural scholarships in 2017 (seven university students, 18 senior high school students and 25 junior high school students). The funding covers school registration, fees for uniforms or books, and other school-related expenses, including lunch or transport to school.

Without the scholarships, many of these students would not be continuing their studies due to cost. The program is helping young Mexicans and has been well received by the community.

Maria del Rosario Alfaro Villegas, from Lomas de Mesa Cuata, is a beneficiary of the program. She is using the support to earn a bachelor´s degree in human capital management.

“My parents have worked really hard to support me in getting higher education, and this scholarship has meant less pressure for my dad to keep providing for my studies. It also has taken the pressure away for me to start working to help my parents”. Maria del Rosario Alfaro Villegas