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Case Study: Building Job Ready Skills //

Case study - building job ready skills

At our El Cubo and Bolañitos sites, we hosted workshops involving a professional trainer from the Institute for Continuous Education of Adults, a government agency that helps adults prepare for the workforce or become self-employed.

Open to employees and local citizens, the workshops helped 147 participants (72 in El Cubo, 75 in Bolañitos) acquire new skills in bread and pastry making or hairstyling. As a result of the workshops, some people are already earning income from what they learned.

Aracely Morales Gutierrez, from Llanos de Santa Ana, was one of the participants who attended a 36-hour workshop on bread and pastry making. Before taking the course she was a housewife, and now makes and sells her own bread.

“I have appreciated this opportunity because it allows me to do something that I like, and have a bit of extra income for my family and myself.” Aracely Morales Gutierrez, resident of Llanos de Santa Ana