2017 Sustainability Targets //


  • Incorporate Human Rights in a more comprehensive way into the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy
  • Implement the internal and external Grievance Mechanism
  • Review supply chain policies and procedures to integrate sustainability principles. Evaluate how social and environmental aspects are considered when working with the supply chain and what changes and improvements can be done


  • All-in sustaining costs (AISC) of less than $15.00/oz
  • Consolidated direct costs less than or equal to $72/tonne

Our People
Health & Safety

  • Zero fatalities
  • Achieve 10% reduction in the Reportable Injury Rate Frequency
  • Expand the health and safety system at all sites
  • Standardize, disseminate and apply all procedures across the three sites

Labour, Training & Development

  • Standardize and improve the induction process as much as possible at all three sites
  • Reduce turnover rate by 10%
  • Provide an average of 35 hours of training per year per employee


  • Zero spills
  • Carry out the Environmental Audit to apply for the Clean Industry Certificate in Guanaceví and El Cubo
  • Reduce the fresh water intensity by 5% (amount of fresh water used by tonne of processed material)
  • Source 5% of our overall energy from green energy


  • Implement the Community Investment Policy ensuring that at least 50% of the funding goes to actions related to education and employability
  • Continue to advance social mine closure plans in alignment with the strategic objectives of the Community Investment Policy