2016 Sustainability Priorities //


Governance Results
Governance Full CircleEstablish a grievance mechanism for GuanacevíExceeded target. A company wide grievance mechanism was developed for both internal (employees and contractors) and external (community and other) stakeholders at all three mines
Governance Empty CircleUpdate the procurement policy to integrate sustainability principlesDeferred to 2017
Economic Full CircleAll-in sustaining costs (AISC) of less than $12.50/ozAISC was $12.43
Economic Full CircleConsolidated direct costs less than or equal to $80/tonneDirect costs per tonne were $72.42
Our People  
Our People Empty CircleZero fatalitiesOne fatality
Our People Half CircleAchieve a 10% reduction in the Reportable Injury Frequency RateAttained a 6.6% reduction
Our People Full CircleStandardize health monitoring systems across all operationsStandardized across all three operations. More information in the Health and Safety section
Our People Full CircleAchieve zero lost time accidents related to lack of ventilationZero accidents related to lack of ventilation
Our People Empty CircleReduce turnover rate by 2%Attained 27% turnover rate, compared to 21% in 2016. More information can be found in the Our People section of this report
Our People Full CircleProvide an average of 30 hours of training per employeeAchieved 36 hours of training per employee
Environment Full CircleStandardize water monitoring across all operationsAll three operations have now a clear methodology to determine the amount of water used and recycled
Environment Full CircleZero spillsZero spills
Environment Full CircleMaintain the recycling water percentage above 80%Our water recycle rate for 2016 was 91.1%
Environment Full CircleReduce 5% of our energy consumption12% reduction, from slow-down at El Cubo and Bolañitos moving to the national power grid. More information can be found in the Environment section of this report
Community Half CircleIdentify and implement potential economic diversity projects in GuanajuatoThe identification was completed, implementation will take place in 2017. All three sites were included, not only the ones in Guanajuato. More information can be found in the Community section of this report