Security //

Mining operations are associated with certain general security risks, such as illegal entry, vandalism, and theft of minerals, supplies, or equipment. The safety, security, and protection of our employees, as well as our company’s physical assets are a top priority. At every operation, we regularly conduct security risk assessments to identify, assess, and plan for short and longer term potential risks to human life and company assets. We have company-wide, strictly enforced, personal security practices for transportation to and from mine sites on certain routes, depending on prevailing external security conditions. The states of Durango and Chihuahua are considered to be in high-risk areas for violence related to organized crime, although to date there has been no impact on our operations. In previous years there had been personal security concerns, however the situation has improved and at present, there are no travel restrictions on routes to and from the Guanaceví mine.

Endeavour has a Regional Security Manager as well as security leads at each site. In 2016, we employed a total of 147 security personnel across our three mines and at El Compas, 46 were employees and the remainder were under contract with private security companies. The bulk of their roles were in relation to perimeter patrol and safeguarding physical assets.