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As of December 31, 2016, Endeavour employed 1,641 people on a full-time basis (2,519 including contractors) across our three operating mines, our exploration group, the administrative office in León, Mexico, and our corporate head office in Vancouver, Canada.

Our business activities generate full-time and contract employment opportunities at our mining operations, and at our pre-development and exploration sites. Our human resources policies dictate that we hire from the closest communities first. Only after we have exhausted all possibility of acquiring qualified local and regional candidates—including offering training for suitable candidates—will we seek experienced applicants from outside the country. Our commitment to local hiring contributes to the local and national economies of Mexico, fosters community involvement, and reduces the environmental footprint and impact of a commuter population.

In 2016, 99.4% of our on-site personnel in operations, exploration, and administration were from Mexico; 89.8% from the state where the mine is located and 9.5% from other parts of Mexico, with only 0.5% expatriate employees. Only 10% of senior management is international, with the remaining 90% from Mexico (44% from within the state and 46% from other parts of Mexico). When we seek candidates from outside the country, it is generally to fill a technical or highly specialized position. We make every effort to hire qualified expatriates fluent in both English and Spanish to effectively communicate with all employees across the company.

While we were extremely pleased that the absentee rate at El Cubo decreased by 10% in 2016, the company-wide absentee rate was slightly higher over the previous year due – for the most part – to two Bolañitos employees who were on extended leave; both with back injuries.

While the overall company turnover rate remained relatively static over the previous year, more significant changes occurred at the site level. Turnover was considerably lower at Bolañitos in 2016, dropping from 28.7% to 6.67%. While part of this reduction reflects a balancing-out from significant lay-offs in 2015, it is also believed that the Bolañitos employees who were chosen to remain were already more committed to their jobs and/or are taking a closure bonus into consideration as extra motivation to stay. El Cubo’s turnover increased from 14.87% in 2015 to 27.4 % in 2016, largely due to the lay-offs, which accompanied the announcement that the mine would go on care and maintenance. Guanaceví’s remote location makes retaining employees an ongoing challenge – their turnover averaging around 30% per year and totaling 34% in 2016.

In 2016, 13 female employees took maternity leave, 11 of whom (85%) returned to work; compared to eight in 2015, with six returning to work.

Attracting and Retaining Qualified Employees

Attracting and retaining qualified employees is critical to our operational stability and the overall sustainability of our company. We understand both the importance of motivating existing personnel as well as attracting new and qualified applicants.

We offer competitive wages and benefits, as well as generous safety and production bonuses. We also offer a remote location bonus at our Guanaceví mine – the most remote of our sites – with longer commute times make recruiting and retention an ongoing challenge. Endeavour continues to participate in the annual salary survey organized by CAMIMEX to ensure that compensation packages are competitive. We also conduct ongoing internal analyses to ensure employees are being paid according to the job performed and level of responsibility, and that average salary increases are above inflation. Approximately 24% of our full time, non-union employees received individual performance reviews in 2016 – most of whom hold supervisory or leadership roles, with higher degrees of responsibility.

Employee Stats

In Mexico, a certain suite of benefits are mandatory by law, including a retirement savings plan called AFORE, in which employee, company, and government contributions can total up to 11.8% (5.15% company, 1.125% employee and 5.525% government) of an employee’s salary per year (up to a maximum of 48,000 pesos). Our full-time employee benefits include vacation days, life insurance (at Bolañitos and Guanaceví), private medical insurance, and savings fund contributions. There are some differences, which vary by site, between the benefits offered to union workers and non-union employees. All employees who live more than 30 kilometres from Guanaceví receive travel support to and from their hometowns. At El Cubo, and (new in 2016 for) Guanaceví, our non-union employees also receive a monthly supermarket voucher.

Union collective bargaining agreements are reviewed annually for competitive salaries, and every two years for benefits. All union employees receive bonuses based on performance in relation to production goals achieved.

Women in the Workforce

At Endeavour, we promote gender diversity, equal opportunity, and fairness in the workplace. Across our operations, we are slowly attracting more women into this historically, male-dominated industry, and while we believe there is great potential for women in the underground mining workforce, there are local cultural norms and beliefs which continue to impact the participation and acceptance of women in particular industrial roles or in the workplace altogether. We remain dedicated to improving gender balance in our workforce. Men and women receive the same starting remuneration for the same position at all of our operations; any overall differences in pay for the same position would be the result of seniority, where there has been benefit over time from salary increases. Men and women also receive the same bonus for positions that receive one.

We remain dedicated to improving gender balance in our workforce.

Our overall ratio of women to men in the workplace has increased slightly each year, but our ratio remains lower than international averages for mining operations (however this is not unusual for underground operations). The majority of our female employees continue to work in administrative and surface operations. Progress depends on the availability of qualified female candidates, and on interest in available positions from women. There are currently no women in senior management positions at our mining operations, however there are three women in management roles at our corporate head office in Vancouver.

In 2013, all three Endeavour mines received Gender Equity Model Certification (valid for three years) from the Mexican National Institute for Women. The requirements for the certification changed swiftly and significantly in 2016 (and also must now be independently verified to recertify); something that all organizations will need time to adjust to.

Employee Grievance Mechanism

During the calendar year there was one employee grievance, which was a reported case of sexual harassment. The incident was investigated by the human resources department, resulting in the accused harasser (also an employee) being dismissed.
Endeavour has always promoted an open-door policy and the approachability of its supervisors or managers if there are concerns or complaints on behalf of employees. In 2016, and as part of our company-wide commitment to align with international good practice and formalize our internal and external grievance methods, an employee grievance mechanism was developed. Once fully implemented in 2017, it will address concerns or complaints of the employees or contractors of the company, and have a defined procedure for managing and responding to these concerns in an organized, respectful, transparent and timely manner.

Cumulative absentee rate 2.56%2.25%3.23%
Employee turnover27%21%29%

Employee Profile

Karina Ortiz: Exploration Geologist, El Cubo


“What I enjoy most is the opportunity to be in touch with nature, enjoy a good working day with colleagues and feel that I am a piece in the puzzle that helps to achieve the objectives and plans for the company, and most of all, come home and enjoy my family – a great reward after a hard day of work.”

Karina has worked with Endeavour for eight years and as part of the exploration team is responsible for coordinating certain aspects of the programs, including mapping, drilling, and environmental permitting. As part of her role, she regularly engages with local communities, landowners, and contractors. Karina’s main objective alongside her co-workers is to continue learning new methods of conducting exploration and contribute to achieving company objectives, while respecting norms and procedures – particularly safety measures.

Karina believes that women have equal opportunities on the job, but notes that there are still certain cultural pressures that women should be at home. However, at Endeavour as long as she is able to deliver results, she is recognized by her supervisors. Similar to women in other countries, Karina does feel that it is often difficult to balance work life with family life, but the need to provide a better quality of life for her children motivates her to keep working and looking to develop herself even more professionally.

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