Labour Relationships //

Endeavour supports the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining. Mexico has a history of a strong unionized work culture, and all of our mines have union representation. At December 31, 2016, 75% of our employees were covered under collective bargaining agreements. This equates to 1,226 employees. The remaining 25% are administrative or executive staff positions which are outside the union structure. There were no strikes or lock-outs at any of our operations in 2016.

We engage with union leaders regularly and our approach to labour relations is centered on cooperation, respectful dialogue and constructive, peaceful resolution of any concerns. The relationships between the unions, the company, and employees are distinct at each of our sites, however, are generally strong due to both the general cooperative nature of the workforce combined with mutual ongoing cooperation and communication. At El Cubo, union communications and the overall relationship have improved greatly in recent years due to focused efforts by all parties.