Health and Safety Management Approach //

Protecting the health and safety of our workers is our highest priority, and we set rigorous safety standards at all of our operations, pre-development, and exploration sites. The health and safety of our workforce directly impacts our internal stakeholders (employees and contractors) and less directly our external stakeholders – most notably local communities and suppliers.

Our approach of continuous safety training empowers our employees to be responsible custodians of their own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of others. While dependent upon a company commitment to providing the appropriate resources and strong leadership, we encourage increased communication, and a sharing of safety responsibility across departments, to reinforce the notion that safety is not only the responsibility of safety managers, but of every individual.

The Endeavour Health and Safety Policy includes our health and safety commitment, responsibilities, and guidelines and is publicly accessible on the Endeavour website. The policy is supported by daily training, pre-shift safety reviews, clear procedures, and regular audits. Every employee is trained in first aid and participates in a three-day safety training induction program, prior to his or her first shift. Every employee is responsible for maintaining safe conditions and practices in their department.

We engage in frequent audits and inspections by safety personnel and safety commissions to identify potential hazards and risks. We provide the latest personal protective and safety equipment and signage; we operate continual safety training programs, provide safety resources and restrictions, and take corrective actions when necessary. Contractors are expected to maintain the same safety standards, and participate in the induction program and relevant safety-related training. Specific health and safety topics included in formal agreements with unions include standards around safety equipment issued to employees.

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6.6% decrease in Reportable Injury Frequency Rate

31% of our employees participated on health and safety committees

All 3 mines competed and placed in regional safety competitions and qualified for entry in the National Mine Safety Competition in Sept 2017

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