Health and Safety Committees //

In 2016, approximately 31% of our employees (compared to 10% in 2015), participated on committees that monitor and advise on Endeavour’s occupational health and safety conditions, procedures, and programs. This represents a 21% increase over the previous year – a metric which we feel is a testament to our commitment and growing safety culture.

All three operations have the following committees or safety groups in place:

Mine Rescue
Volunteer employees who receive training on handling emergencies that could occur underground or inside the mine. Training takes place once per week for eight hours and new employees are invited to participate on a quarterly basis.

Rescue Brigade
Volunteer employees who receive training once per week, for a full day, on emergencies that could occur anywhere on site. The brigade is also prepared to respond to general emergencies in nearby communities or other mine sites if required.

Emergency Brigade
Volunteer employees who receive one to two hours of training, once a week, to respond to above-ground emergencies – predominantly in the plant.

Safety and Hygiene Commission
Mandatory by law, this committee meets monthly at El Cubo and Bolañitos, and quarterly at Guanaceví. Employees and union representatives are members, normally with a 50-50 representation. The role is to audit the facilities for safety and health, identify areas of opportunity or concern, and devise a timely and appropriate follow-up plan for any issues.

Management Audit Committee
A committee of each unit’s managers, who conduct a monthly health and safety audit and review, for their mine and plant facilities.

Safety Monitors
A mixed group of employees—mostly underground workers—from all departments. Safety monitors receive training once a week, for one hour, and are responsible for identifying and reporting any and all high-risk situations.

Operational Discipline Committee
A new group formed in late 2016 comprised of representatives from each department to review all procedures related to safety to ensure availability, content quality, adequate dissemination and understanding, and task execution in strict compliance procedures.