2016 Safety Performance //

Our safety performance measurements include both employees and contractors. Over the year, our Reportable Injury Frequency rate (RIF) decreased by 6.6%, which was a significant improvement, however did not meet our 2016 reduction target of 10%. Our Lost Time Injury Severity rate (LTIS) rate increased by 17% and our Lost Time Injury Frequency rate (LTIF) increased by 37% – both notable set-backs over 2015. We believe this to be the result of a lack of focus of staff and coordinators. For 2017, we are implementing changes and have identified the priorities described below to ensure a safer place for all our workers.


Despite our ongoing commitment to continually improving our safety culture and zero workplace fatalities, a contractor at our Guanaceví operation tragically lost his life as a result of a rock fall incident in 2016. This accident was unfortunately the result of a procedural implementation gap combined with signage not being adhered to. Additional procedures, training, and safeguards have been put in place based on the findings and lessons learned from the accident investigation.

In light of the above, Endeavour’s Regional Safety Manager has developed the following company-wide priorities for 2017 to increase our commitment to a strong safety culture and safety performance.

Reportable Injury Frequency Rate[1]3.513.765.467.01
Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate[2]
Lost Time Injury Severity Rate[3]290.04247.69578.14752.53

[1] Reportable Injury rate is calculated as (total number of recordable injuries (including fatalities, lost time injury, restricted work and medical treatment injury) x 200,000 hours)/ total worked hours.
[2] Lost time injury frequency rate is calculated as (total lost time injuries x 200,000 hours)/ total worked hours.
[3] Lost time injury severity rate is calculated as (total lost time days x 200,000 hours)/ total worked hours. Safety performance figures are submitted to the Mining Chamber in Mexico using a factor of 1,000,000 hours.

Visible Felt Leadership

Visible felt Leadership is a DuPont Sustainable Solutions concept aimed to enhance the safety skills of leaders and safety professionals throughout an organization. Selected employees will demonstrate an outward passion for safety, be expected to demonstrate a personal commitment to safety, and openly reinforce safety as a core value. Participants will be trained to set challenging safety standards and expectations for their teams, provide effective safety coaching and guidance, and remain vigilant regarding safe workplace behavior.

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2017 Company-Wide Safety Priorities

  1. Zero fatalities
  2. A 10% reduction in the RIF
  3. Expand the Health and Safety Management System
  4. Improve and standardize the health and safety module for induction training
  5. Introduce and Implement the Visible Felt Leadership Program
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