Stakeholder Engagement //

Endeavour is committed to engaging in open and inclusive dialogue with our stakeholders, who we identify as those groups or individuals who may be impacted or affected by our business activities. We identify, map, and prioritize our stakeholders from our direct and indirect influence areas on the basis of who may be the most impacted or affected over time. This is an ongoing process that we continuously monitor and update.

We believe that effective stakeholder engagement in culturally-appropriate ways can both create value and mitigate risk by fostering mutual respect and trust, while responding to changing social contexts. We work with all of our key stakeholders groups to share ideas on how to generate mutual benefit from our business activities, and we integrate the results of our engagement efforts into continual improvement processes and our operational decision making.

This committed, ongoing approach to stakeholder engagement contributes to trust and credibility, and to our ability to communicate effectively with our stakeholders in order to maintain our long-term social license to operate.

Key stakeholder groups (in alphabetical order) that Endeavour engaged with in 2016 and their primary interests and concerns:

  • Church Leaders – Workplace safety, support of local projects, preservation of religious and traditional activities
  • Contractors – Working conditions/workplace safety, employment stability, food services
  • Ejidos (Land Owners) – Land use and fair compensation
  • Government Agencies – Water usage, environmental concerns – spills, tailings and waste management and associated compliance
  • Local Communities – Employment opportunities, workplace safety, transportation/air quality (dust), shared water sources, waste rock management
  • Media – New mining tax in Zacatecas, illegal mining, labour unions, human rights groups
  • Small Scale Miners – Continuity of business relationship, commodities prices
  • Shareholders – Investment returns, impact of union relationships on operations, open and transparent communication by the company
  • Suppliers – Continuity of business relationship with operations, increased compliance expectations
  • Union Leaders – Working conditions/workplace safety, wages and benefits

A listing of the specific community stakeholder concerns that were raised in 2016 and Endeavour’s response is located in the Community section of this report.