Land Use and Rehabilitation //

We are committed to reclaiming all land disturbed during the mining process, and during each mine’s planning process we plan for the potential risks and impacts, both inside and outside our concession areas. As most of our operations are active, most rehabilitation takes place outside the areas of operation. Depending on the original conditions of the site, our rehabilitation efforts may include the removal of the entire facilities (offices, warehouses, etc), cleaning up of areas contaminated by hydrocarbons, adding topsoil, and reforestation. The rehabilitation plans and timelines are proposed to, and agreed upon, with government authorities – either as a result of issued permits or land use changes.

In 2016, 6.86 hectares of land were disturbed during the expansion of the tailings ponds at Bolañitos and El Cubo. In total, 21 hectares were rehabilitated through reforestation projects at all three mine sites and exploration sites. Most of the 2016 rehabilitation and restoration work was done at El Cubo (5.2 ha) in an area that is no longer in use. The only restoration work done outside Endeavour mine facilities in 2016 was at Guanaceví, on a parcel of land previously damaged by a forest fire.

Approximately 34,500 trees were planted in 2016, close to 25,000 of which were in exploration areas, including at Terronera. The planted trees have a collective survival rate of close to 87%.

All three Endeavour mines operate a nursery to provide seedlings for reforestation. El Cubo and Bolañitos both have a consistent growth rate of 3,500 trees per annum which are used for reforestation. At Guanaceví, all the reforestation trees come from a collaborative initiative between SEDENA (the Ministry of National Defense) and CONAFOR (the National Forestry Commission) and their nursery is used to keep rescued flora species until they can be transplanted. The nurseries employ natural worm composting systems to recycle organic waste from the operations as fertilizer.

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We are committed to reclaiming all land disturbed during the mining process.

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