Environmental Protection //

Our environmental protection expenditures are classified in six categories:

  • Transportation and final disposition for waste (hazardous, non-hazardous, and special)
  • Environmental studies, which includes environmental impact assessments and/or change of land use
  • Monitoring for water, waste, tailings, noise, gases, and dust
  • Projects, which includes reforestation, rehabilitation or remediation works, signage and environmental education campaigns
  • Tailings ponds works
  • Engineering work required for tailings facilities maintenance

In 2016, $1.5M in environmental expenditures were made. This figure represents a significant increase over 2015 ($0.3 million), and is comprised mostly of the reinforcement of tailings pond facilities. At El Cubo, $0.9 million was incurred to add ballast to the dam face when we had a higher than normal rain event. The tailings were deposited in another of our tailings ponds.

For 2017, we will conduct an environmental audit to apply for the Clean Industry Certification from PROFEPA (Mexico’s Federal Environmental Protection Agency) at Guanaceví and El Cubo. The Clean Industry Initiative is a voluntary program that assesses regulatory compliance and best practices in environmental performance.