Environmental Grievances and Compliance //

Environmental Grievances

While Endeavour has always had a system in place to accept concerns or complaints (including those relating to the environment) from the community, in 2016, and as part of our company-wide commitment to align with international good practice and formalize our internal and external grievance methods, a Community Grievance Mechanism was developed.

In 2016 there were three grievances relating to the environment, the detail of which is included in the Community Feedback section of the report.

Environmental Compliance

At Endeavour, the protection of the environment is one of our key environmental values. We meet or exceed national laws and regulations and we strive towards international best practices and standards. All of our sites have stringent, consistent environmental monitoring systems and controls in place. Our commitment extends to the personnel resources we allocated to environmental management: our Regional Environmental Manager has oversight for all three mines, and each mine has an Environmental Coordinator.

In 2016, Guanaceví received one administrative fine relating to a gap in environmental policy insurance, which has since been remedied. The local government authority permits companies to invest in renewable energies or environmental initiatives in lieu of paying this type of fine, provided that the monies were indeed spent on this type of initiative and with proof of value/payment. In exchange for this particular fine (of approximately $1,400), the company installed solar heaters for showers in the new security guard facilities at Guanaceví.

There were no reportable spills at any of our operations in 2016.