Biodiversity //

We are committed to protecting and preserving local ecosystems. All of our sites and the Terronera exploration project have conducted environmental impact assessments to identify endangered or at-risk flora or fauna.

None of our mining properties contain any threatened species, according to the world’s most comprehensive inventory of threatened plant and animal species, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. One species of snake – the Cascabel – has protected status in the country and can be found at all of our sites. Staff have been trained to rescue and relocate Cascabel snakes if found. In 2016, six snakes were captured and relocated: two at Guanaceví, three at Bolañitos and one at El Cubo. A species of white-tailed deer near Guanaceví, while not endangered, is protected from hunting. No-hunting signage has been posted by the company in the area. The only site with identified endangered flora and fauna species is Terronera, and we continue collaborating with the Commission for Natural Protected Areas to minimize any potential impact.

None of our mining licenses are located within, or close, to protected areas. Part of the Terronera project’s land is within the buffer zone of a proposed Natural Protected Area. The buffer zone will permit mining and other economic activities.