Social Mine Closure Planning //

While our environmental mine closure obligations are a top priority, we are also sensitive to the social implications and economic impacts of mine closure. The communities surrounding Guanaceví, Bolañitos and El Cubo have all expressed concern regarding their economic dependency on the mines and eventual closure. Mexico has a strong mining industry and skilled people may be able to find alternative employment, however for others, the regions may offer few alternative employment opportunities.

We support the acquisition of transferable or transportable skills for both men and women, with the long-term vision of supporting the community in finding other options for work upon mine closure.

In 2016 our Community Relations Coordinators at all three mines engaged with employees and community members to identify interests, needs, and potential economic options including the skills required to obtain alternate employment upon mine closure. Based on this work, Education and Employability (the two strategic funding priorities of the newly developed Endeavour Community Investment Policy) were prioritized and integrated into a Community Work Plan for 2017.

Among other activities, some Community Work Plan possibilities include:

  • A pilot project to explore small scale gardening at El Cubo. The produce grown by project participants could be used for self consumption or for sale if they organized as a group
  • A series of workshops entitled “The Entrepreneurial Woman” to help women start small businesses at Guanaceví
  • At Bolañitos, partnering with different organizations in response to a training need in basic trades – such as electrician, plumber, and carpenter training – that would allow participants to look seek future work in any sector.
  • The company is also promoting basic education at all levels

Employee Profile

Jose Santos Rivera Palafox: Planning Superintendent, Guanaceví


“At Endeavour you can share your ideas with your supervisors and their support is generally quite good for innovations or improvements in processes, either operational or administrative. Of course, an important factor is also the perseverance in bringing our ideas to reality!”

Jose is a Mine Engineer with a Masters degree in Administration and has worked with Endeavour Silver for about five years. He is responsible for short, medium, and long-term planning, as well as reviewing the design of the mine works, which allows for continuity in production. One of his main projects in 2016 was the creation of a pumping station that has eliminated several pumps, which resulted in reduced energy consumption, less flooding in the ramps, and better overall water management. In a mine like Guanaceví, where there is excess of water underground, an efficient water management system is one of the most critical components to facilitate efficient production.

What Jose really enjoys about his job is that he feels he and his colleagues can be innovative and present ideas that can become realities. For example, Jose feels an interesting initiative might be to design a station that can capture the water extracted from the mine and be able to distribute it for use in nearby towns.