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At Endeavour, we aim to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of the people in the communities in which we operate. We make every attempt to align our community investments with the needs of our community stakeholders and support their long-term development.

Each mine and office has an annual budget for the year’s community investment initiatives, which outlines their goals, activities and beneficiaries. Community investment decisions are made in cooperation with the community relations teams, taking into account local needs and requests.

In 2015, we developed an Endeavour Silver Community Investment Policy, which underwent a revision in 2016 to narrow the focus of our funding priorities prior to full implementation at sites. We intend to roll-out the new policy commitment in 2017, when our community investment funding will align with the following strategic priorities:

Endeavour Silver Community Investment Policy

Education – Scholarships, school facilities, teaching materials etc.

Employability – Trades workshops, assessments or materials to establish small businesses

Health and infrastructure for public services – In collaboration with communities or government

The top two priorities emerging from the social assessment and community engagement were education and employability. The community investment database, which was set-up in 2015 to track support (cash and in-kind), activities and complaints, was updated in early 2017 to reflect the changes in the community investment policy and the recently approved Community Grievance Mechanism.

In 2016, we invested $165,076 in community programs across our three operations in Mexico. This does not include in-kind donations or staff time (paid or volunteer) devoted to these initiatives. Of this amount, $48,336 was invested in community infrastructure (predominantly at El Cubo), which included road repairs adjacent the health center and building a sidewalk to the center to enhance safety along a busy roadway, as well as roof repair of the main town plaza – an important community recreational space. In the Exploration Group, the largest expenditure was on the rehabilitation or construction of roads in Guanajuato. Charitable giving at the site included support for local celebrations and festivities as well as support for the health clinic in San Sebastian. All of our mine sites support sports programs — mostly in elementary and high schools and through summer camps — by providing support for equipment or transportation to competitions. We support cultural and religious events that are important for the local communities; and run environmental, health, and safety campaigns in the communities. At Guanaceví and El Cubo the medical department provides consistent support to the community, as the community health services are not optimal.

In 2016, the corporate office in Vancouver made contributions of $27,154 in 2016 in support of health and environment-related charities. This differs substantially from 2015, when $170,104 was invested, due to the final installment of a five-year commitment to scholarships at Queen’s University and the University of British Columbia.


2016 Community Investment Programming Highlights by Site:


Support for the Entrepreneur Women workshop. The course started in October and runs once a week until August 2017. Sixteen local women are participating in sessions focused on skills and abilities to be more independent and better manage their homes and prepare them to run their own business. They have sessions on cooking, nutrition, wellness, health, environment, finances and there will be sessions tailored to entrepreneurial ideas for small businesses.

Support for an ecological fashion show at the Guanaceví High School. Students engaged in creating a fashion show using recyclable materials. There was a contest and about 100 people participated in the show. They also had small talks about recycling, re-using these materials and proper disposal of non-recyclables.

Endeavour supplied 60 wood stoves to the communities of Cienega de la Vaca and Agua de Pino – located in one of the coldest and most remote regions. Education was also provided on the proper use of the stoves, and proper ventilation to prevent exposure to carbon monoxide.

The construction of a safe storage area for the town orphanage to house construction or hazardous materials.

Sponsorship for a community festival during Christmas as well as Mother´s Day, Children´s Day and certain religious celebrations.

El Cubo

Endeavour conducted and sponsored a virtual diploma program (shown at the local junior high school on television) offering a high school curriculum through the Virtual University of Guanajuato. Thirty two people started the program three years ago and in August 2017, 30 will be graduating. There is no cost to program participants.

Approximately 200 children in grades one and two received a complete check-up in a dental health campaign. The doctors came from The Ministry of Health, and Endeavour provided the Cultural Center as the campaign location.


Endeavour hosted workshops in conjunction with the State Institute of Training for pastry making, carpentry, and electricity for community members to promote self-employment. Fifteen people per course attended each 30-40 hour course over a six-week to two month period between September and December.

Endeavour hosted environmental workshops in schools and in the community to teach about recycling of newspaper, wasted paper, pencil bags, and PET bottles as well as composting.

Endeavour supported infrastructure projects such as material for two daycares, one in Mineral de La Luz and the other in Santana. Endeavour supported the expansion of the graveyard in Santana and supported the purchase of a new pump to supply water to the community. Also towards the end of 2016, work started to repair streets in the community of La Luz; this will be finalized in 2017.

Guanajuato Region (Bolañitos Mine, El Cubo Mine and Leon office)

Endeavour is the company committee representative for the Mining Fund (Committee of the Fund for Sustainable Regional Development of Mining States and Municipalities) established as a result of the 2015 tax imposed on the mining industry. The first funds were released for public lighting and electrification in surrounding communities.

Endeavour has organized and sponsored a 5k, 10k and children’s course regional mining race for three years now. In 2016, there were approximately 1,500 runners and 4,000 people attending the event. All funds raised from registration were donated to Children with Cystic Fibrosis.

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Community Investment

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