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While Endeavour has always had a system in place to accept concerns or complaints from our community members, in 2016, and as part of our company-wide commitment to align with international good practice and formalize our internal and external grievance methods, a Community Grievance Mechanism was drafted and presented to management teams.

This Community Grievance Mechanism was developed using the standards of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. As such, it was developed to be: legitimate, accessible, equitable, transparent, compatible with human rights, and a source of continuous learning.

Once fully implemented in 2017, the Community Grievance Mechanism will address concerns or complaints from community members or other external stakeholders with a defined procedure for managing and responding to these concerns in an organized, respectful, transparent and timely manner.

The following table outlines the community concerns or grievances which were expressed at our operations in 2016, and the actions we have taken in response to these concerns:

Issue or ConcernCompany Response
Damage to homes (filed in 2015) claimed to be from mine detonationsThis official complaint is in progress with the legal system. The Civil Engineering College of Guanajuato released a report confirming there was no evidence that the damage could be caused by mine detonations. As an additional measure, Endeavour hired an external party to conduct seismic testing and monitor permitted detonation levels on a weekly basis. The results were appealed and are under investigation by the State Attorney.  
Road conditions and road safetyThe community expressed concern about poor road conditions resulting from company use and its impact on road safety with children using the road to walk to school. This concern is ongoing due to company cost control initiatives in 2016, however is considered for inclusion in the 2017 budget.
EL Cubo 
Water damage to homes from floodingThis ongoing legacy concern relates to the waste rock pile from a previous operator. The waste rock pile is close to the riverbank, which heavy rains can dislodge causing a rise to the water table and, at times, resulting damage. The company does ongoing maintenance to attempt to prevent this from occurring and repairs damage if it does occur. 
Dust generation and road damageAll three sites have road watering systems in place to minimize the impact of transport dust. At El Cubo the company is exploring a dispersion system that would use less water and would allow a more constant watering of the road, reducing more dust. There is a maintenance plan for the roads and repairs are done as needed.
Tailings pondThere was an official complaint filed with the relevant government authorities regarding the reopening of a tailings pond at El Cubo. PROFEPA conducted a review and through ongoing dialogue are addressing the community concerns.
Local hiringIn the PROFEPA complaint above, one issue raised was the company was not hiring enough people from El Cubo. To address this, the Community Relations Coordinator worked with the community on a list of qualified community applicants. Some of these applicants were indeed hired or re-hired. Others on the list had been laid off due to excessive absenteeism or failing random alcohol testing. 
Payment to the ejido relating to rights on their landsThis concern was reviewed with the ejido in respect to an agreement about compensation for damage to trees on their lands. An evaluation was conducted during a site visit late in the year and payment is scheduled for early 2017.
Impacts from water dischargeThe color of the municipal water changed, and as a result, two claims were made by concerned community members that water discharge from the mine was impacting the health of children. Endeavour engaged directly with both the municipality and the complainants. Environmental studies show that the water discharge from the mine contains no pollution (and no ability to discolor the water), and that the more likely explanation was municipal sewage.
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Our new community grievance mechanism addresses concerns from community members and other external stakeholders.

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